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Our list of the best browser MMORPGs and no download MMOs should be able to provide a game for anybody. The biggest factor for these web browser games making the list is that they must be able to be played from a web based client such as Firefox or Chrome. Whether it's simple HTML web browser games, multiplayer flash games, or java MMORPGs they all offer the same benefits to you. Each browser MMORPG requires little to no download as everything runs off of the game's own servers. Considering there's no wasted time downloading giant files and most of this list is filled with free browser games there isn't much to lose!
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League of Angels thumbnail
Battle across servers in this hybrid MMORPG featuring turn-based combat...


1187 votes

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Forge of Empires thumbnail
Strategy MMO featuring Civ style technology tree, tactical combat, and customized kingdom layout..


2211 votes

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Adventure Quest Worlds thumbnail
Choose from 4 available classes; the option to have multiple classes makes your character more complex...


1360 votes

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