Alliance of Valiant Arms Interview

September 23, 2012

Released in North America in 2009, Alliance of Valiant Arms - commonly referred to as AVA - has been keeping first person shooter fans entertained for nearly 3 years. What makes AVA special is its ability to balance the FPS and MMO experience. Players have a persistent character, like in an MMORPG, which they can customize as they acquire new skills and gain levels. This character enters instances, in which they engage in FPS combat, allowing for the First Person Shooter action gamers crave. Aeria's Scott Hartz took the time to chat with WhatMMORPG about Alliance of Valiant Arms (and gives us details about a giveaway they are doing through our website!).

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Gamers who have played what games will most enjoy AVA?
Fans of Combat Arms, Crossfire, Blacklight, Sudden Attack and Battlefield.

The game originally released in North America in 2009. What are you doing to keep the experience fresh for players?
We're constantly adding new items, maps and systems. We want to ensure that our players always have something new to enjoy by offering exciting PVP and PVE modes. The developers are also currently working on some new systems to enhance the gameplay experience.

How does leveling work, and what is the level cap?
Players gain experience by playing different maps and modes. As they gain experience they increase their rank which unlocks access to new weapons and items. The game has a rank cap of 50.

Do the FPS instances regulate character levels so that the teams will be balanced?
There are different channels to ensure new players are not overwhelmed by our veterans. Matches can also be set to balance if one side has too many high ranking players.

Does the game allow for and/or encourage grouping in any way?
AVA has a Clan system that gives players access to special events, maps and content. Clan features were supported by Ijji prior to our merge and we are about ready to release our own Clan system supported on Aeria's AVA site.

Do you ever have in game events? If so, what opportunities do these create for players?
We offer weekly in game events with Game Master and Game Sage participation and prizes. We also run events each week that reward players for kills, playtime, purchases and map play. We always want to make sure our players are being rewarded for a variety of reasons to keep the game enjoyable.

What sets AVA apart from other MMOs and FPS games?
AVA is a high quality free-to-play game with a ton of content and modes. The developers have spent a tremendous amount of time balancing the game and ensuring that our cash spenders and free players can compete on a level playing field. Another exciting component of the game is the PVE mode with cooperative quests and horde mode levels.

What additional content can be purchased from the cash shop?
The cash shop offers EXP, Euro and Supply multiplier items to accelerate player progression. We also offer a variety of cool gear, melee weapons and special capsules. The Capsule Shop we have in game gives players the chance to win a variety of rare and powerful weapons. Capsules are sold for both Euro and cash so all players can be happy.

What support do you provide for more competitive gamers, especially those with semi-pro or pro e-sports aspirations?
AVA tournaments are run by a variety of competitive gaming leagues like ESL, Unified Gaming and IeSF. This year's IeSF world tournament will be offering tens of thousands of dollars in prizes. The Clan system in game is also very useful in maintaining competitive teams for tournaments. We make sure to support several competitive sites with cash and item prizes.

What's your personal favorite class, and why?
My favorite class is the Rifle Man. I enjoy fighting at close to medium ranges as well as throwing grenades. The weapons the Rifle Man has are powerful and well balanced but do not slow down your character too much. I also don't have the ability to snipe very accurately ?

Do you have any hints for first time players?
Make sure to play in the beginner channels to get accustomed to the game. The Rifle Man is the most popular class because it is easy for new players to adjust to it. Try out the Cooperative and other AI modes to learn the feel of the game. Utilize the practice mode to become familiar with the maps. Visit the forums to get to know the community, talk strategy and find out when we run bonus events.

Thank you so much to Scott Hartz for taking the time to answer our questions about Alliance of Valiant Arms! And many more thanks for Aeria games for combining forces and giving away some valuable in game loot for AVA. AVA keys will snag gamers 7-day items including: Python 357, Camo Hand Axe, Iyan SH09 Helmet, Iyan SA09 Armor, Iyan SG09 Gloves, Iyan SB09 Boots, and an Iyan Sp09 Protector. With over 500AP in items, this is quite the giveaway!