10 Common MMO Player Types

by Tyler Edwards, January 4 2012

The MMO fan base consists of millions of players of all walks of life from around the world. They are as varied as humanity itself, consisting of all races, genders, religions, and cultures. But yet, despite that, they'll all start to fade into a blur if you play these games enough. As time goes on, you'll realize they all seem to confirm to one of a few types, of which the following are the most common.

10: The Talker

talker mmo players

These people are compulsive chatterboxes. Whether you're their guildmates or a random pick-up group they just fell into, they will spend all their time talking about anything and everything, from the latest content added to the game to sports to Lady Gaga.

They don't care if you respond. They don't care if you listen. They'll just keep right on chatting regardless.

Whether these players are a blessing or a curse depends on the quality of their conversation. At best, their jokes and light-hearted attitude can make even the most agonizingly difficult in-game task pleasant. At worst, they'll clutter the chat bubble with their inane banter as your group leaves them in the dust because they're a slow typist in addition to a blabbermouth.

9: The Nightmare

nightmare mmo players

These are the players you dread. This type actually comprises several types of people, but all are equally unwelcome. Maybe they're a ninja that likes to steal loot. Maybe they like to pollute chat with vile and offensive attempts at humor. Maybe they enjoy bullying anyone and everyone around them.

Not simply content with being horrible players, these are also just plain horrible people.

Thankfully, these disgusting individuals are a rarity, and when they do crop up, even the most unpleasant MMO community is unlikely to tolerate them for long, and they can be promptly removed from your group. However, in the unfortunate event that they are backed up by their guild members or you can't remove them for any other reason, you may have no option but to bow out yourself.

8: The Helper

helper mmo players

In stark contrast to the past type, the helper is the sort of person you hope you always get in your group or guild. Patient and understanding, they're always willing to back you up, be it through giving you advice, helping fight through content, crafting gear for you, or just providing a sympathetic ear when things have gone badly for you.

These people can do more to improve your play experience than any amount of gear or leveling. If you meet one out in the world or in a pick-up group, make sure to friend them. If they're in your guild, stay with that guild for life.

And if you are one of these people, keep doing what you do. The world needs more with your attitude, both in games and in reality.

7: The Noob

noob mmo players

These are the people we all make fun of. They don't know how to play their class, and they have no interest in learning. Ignorant and often afflicted with a strong sense of entitlement, they believe they should be able to wear any random pieces of gear, use any random combination of skills, and ignore all group coordination and still have bosses drop dead at their feet and receive the adoration of all.

Often, these people are not just inexperienced or unintelligent but willfully ignorant, unwilling to put even the slightest amount of effort into their own success. They are beyond any hope of redemption, and attempts to help them improve can only end in frustration for both you and them.

6: The Newb

newb mmo players

"What?" you ask. "Didn't we just cover this?" No, for there is a big difference between a noob and a newb.

A noob is someone who simply doesn't care, who doesn't want to try. They may have been playing for years, but they just don't take the time to learn about their game of choice. A newb, on the other hand, is someone who is legitimately new to the game. If they screw up, it's because they honestly don't know any better. They are often perfectly intelligent people who just need practice and help.

The problem with this type is that it's often impossible to tell the difference between a newb and a noob without getting to know them. The rest of us are unsure whether to try to help them. If they're a newb, they'll probably welcome the advice. If they're a noob, our response is likely to be more along the lines of, "OMGWTF GTFO AND LET ME PLAY!!11!1"

5: The Elitist

elitist mmo players

These are the gods of gaming, at least in their own minds. They have the best possible gear and a war chest full of rare mounts, pets, and server first achievements. They're better than you, and they will take every possible opportunity to remind you of the fact.

Grouping with these people is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, working with them virtually guarantees success in any endeavor. But on the other hand, you will have to put up with their boundless arrogance and condescension, and they're likely to kick you to curb for even the slightest mistake.

4: The Elite

elite mmo players

At first glance, these people may be indistinguishable from the elitists. They'll have the same amazing gear and ace the content just as easily. But unlike the elitists, they don't feel their superior ability in the game gives them the right to lord over everyone around them.

These people will generally still be willing to help those of lesser gear or experience, or at the very least, they won't badger you for not being on the same level as them. When this type also falls under the category of "the helper," you can have some truly amazing experiences.

3: The Wannabe Elitist

wannabe elitist mmo players

This type isn't nearly as skilled or adept as the previous types, but they think they are. They'll spend all their time mocking everyone around them, all the while being just as mediocre or perhaps even worse than those they pick on. When confronted about their less than stellar performance, they'll simply claim this character is their alt, and that their main could own you without breaking a sweat.

This type seems especially common in player versus player environments, but they can also be found in PvE content in great numbers.

A subset of this type will keep silent and contribute little most of the time but then rant and rave once something goes wrong, pointing out everything they see as wrong with the strategy that just failed. If someone bothers to point out that they offered no alternative plan, they'll probably just say something like, "lol, it was obvious."

It's not uncommon for them to have caused the very disaster that sets them off.

2: The Flash

flash mmo players

"Gogogogogo!" These people live life in the fast lane, and still get speeding tickets. Whatever they're doing, they do it in a hurry. Maybe they have an appointment they're late for. Maybe they subsist entirely on Red Bull. It's never entirely clear why they're in such a rush.

Whether these people are a positive or not depends on your own situation. If you, too, are in a hurry, they're a godsend. You'll find yourself finishing your task in half the time you expected it to take. But if you're not in a rush, are new and trying to learn the content, or just a slow player, these people can become your worst nightmare, not allowing you even a moment to catch your breath.

God forbid you're one of those rare individuals who likes to read quest text or watch optional cinematics…

1: Joe Average

average mmo players

This is the type of people you encounter most often but remember the least. They play their role adequately, but not spectacularly. They're not rude, but they're not especially polite. They'll respond if you talk to them, but they're usually not outgoing on their own. They join your group, perform their job, and move on without ever drawing attention to themselves. They're often forgotten the moment you're no longer grouped with them.

These people are not as impressive as the elitists, nor as kind as the helpers. But they're also not as horrible as the noobs, the wannabe elitists, or the nightmares. They're the bread and butter of any game, and it's unlikely you'd get anything done without them.

So let's spare a moment to salute those aces of average, those mavens of mediocrity, those princes of par. They're the beating hearts of our virtual worlds.