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Welcome to What MMORPG, home only to the best MMORPG, online RPG, and online games. Our category lists are complete with game highlights and important details such as PvP depth, crafting features, customization, ease of usability and more.

We present each MMORPG in a quick, easy to read format so you can get to playing a fun MMO game faster than browsing through lengthy reviews. Our mission is to make finding your best MMORPG as easy as possible.

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   Best MMORPG Categories

fantasy mmorpg icon Fantasy MMORPG Games
Epic online RPG adventure! Fight dragons, cast black magic, and wield a sword in a virtual world.

space mmorpg icon Space MMORPG Games
Best MMORPGs for exploring virtual worlds, fighting in space, and building planetary empires.
historical mmorpg icon Historical MMORPGs
Meet important historic figures and live throughout early human history.

mythology mmorpg icon Mythology MMORPGs
Discover tales like the chimera greek mythology and overcome herculean tasks.
modern mmorpg icon Modern MMORPGs
Learn how to fly a jet, run a business, or go to a
club in present day multiplayer games.

sci fi mmorpg icon Sci Fi MMORPGs
Contact alien species, shoot laser weapons, and colonize planets in far away parts of the galaxy.
superhero mmorpg icon Superhero MMORPGs
Create your own superhero powers & save the city while wearing a spandex costume.

sports mmorpg icon Sports Games Online
Make a hole in one, score a goal, or hit a homerun in top online games.
racing mmorpg icon Racing MMORPGs
Modify your own car or racing equipment and compete in a virtual racing game.

martial arts mmorpg icon Martial Arts MMORPGs
Throw punches, kick roundhouses, and dexteriously avoid dangerous foes.
horror mmorpg Horror MMORPGs
Fight for your life against hordes of skeletons, zombies, ghosts, and worse.

pve mmorpg PvE MMORPGs
Form parties, kill monsters, and steal epic loot in the ultimate coop multiplayer games.
pvp mmorpg PvP MMORPGs
Simpy our best online games for competing against players in war, economy, politics, and more.

war mmorpg War MMORPGs
Wage war, lay sieges, and fight massive battles against your enemies in an online RPG.
free to play mmorpg Free to Play MMORPGs
Don't be fooled - some of the best online games
are free to download and free to play!

pay to play mmorpg Pay to Play MMORPGs
Play the best paid mmorpg and enjoy a quality, fun mmo for your monthly fee.
best online games Browser MMORPGs
Not all best MMORPGs require a separate client download. Play these from your browser!

online rpg Online Strategy Games
Mix tactical and strategic gameplay with the ability to level up and progress like typical online RPG games.

Finding a new MMORPG best for you amongst so many online games usually involves a huge headache and we believe the presentation at our own offers a distinctly improved experience. Whether it's a historical setting, free play, 3-D graphics, all of the above, or something completely different we strive to present only the best MMORPG options. You won't need to wade through generic offerings, but if there's a feature done differently or better we'll let you know and let you make up your own mind.

Our mission is simply to provide the best mmorpg games in an easy to read, informative format and answer "What MMORPG to play"? As many choices as you have amongst online RPG games we want to help make choosing a great MMO as quick and easy as possible.